Man Reportedly Jailed After Stealing A TV Remote. His Sentence? INSANE!

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Eric Bramwell from Wheaton, Illinois has reportedly been sentenced to 22 years in prison following his theft of a television remote.

According to, 35-year-old Bramwell stole the remote from an apartment complex’s common area and dropped a glove on his way out.

Police reportedly matched DNA from that glove to that of Bramwell – who was in Illinois’ database of convicted felons, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Following his arrest, authorities found Bramwell guilty of the theft and accused him of carrying out similar crimes in other apartment complexes.

Bramwell's mugshot, courtesy of the DuPage County Sheriff's Office

Bramwell’s mugshot, courtesy of the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office

“Mr. Bramwell’s illegal activity and his history have finally caught up with him,” said State Attorney Robert Berlin, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Regardless of what was stolen, Mr. Bramwell repeatedly thumbed his nose at the law. He took what he wanted time and time again and expected to avoid the consequences,” continued Berlin. “That’s not how it works, as Mr. Bramwell has now found out.”

Bramwell will reportedly not be eligible for parole until he has served half of his sentence.

To make matters worse, it appears the sentencing judge, Robert Miller, added six months to Bramwell’s sentence after he “used profane language in court.” reports that the official charge in that case was contempt.

News of the convicted thief’s sentence has since gone viral on the web.

It’s even made it to the front page of social media site Reddit, which gives preference to stories based on their popularity.

“Maybe stealing things is just a compulsion for the guy,” commented user ‘hooch.’

“I hope they’re considering his mental health during his incarceration.”

Another wrote, “They did DNA testing in a case involving a stolen remote? This sounds like a case of kleptomania or some kind of mental condition. Nobody in their right mind would risk a lengthy prison term for TV remotes.”

Others, however, were not so sympathetic.

User ‘shutterdream’ pointed out Bramwell’s prior criminal history and accused him of “not showing any signs of remorse.”

“He wasn’t even remotely innocent,” replied user ‘A_pinch_of_Jesus.’

Chicago Tribune

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