Man Builds Fence To Keep Dog Safe. Dog’s Reaction Leaves Everyone Laughing.

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There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of a job well done. However, sometimes all your hard work goes to waste—but maybe not, if it teaches you a lesson! And Stella the dog taught her owner, Joe Ballew, a valuable lesson indeed after he fixed his fence to keep her in the yard.

Ballew, in a viral video, brags about how proud he is of the fence he fixed.

And to be sure, it’s a fine-looking, quality repair. Anyone would be proud of it. The fixed fence, however, which is meant to keep Stella in the yard, doesn’t do as good of a job as Stella’s owner had hoped.

The video currently has over 3 million views and has been shared nearly 600,000 times.

After Stella’s owner finishes explaining how his intentions are to keep Stella in the yard, the dog enters the scene and causes the scene to take a hilarious turn. With no problem at all, Stella is able to leap right over the completed fence. …An action to which her owner, with a comically dry delivery, mutters, “dammit.”

“I literally had JUST built this fence to keep Stella in the yard and was admiring it…” Stella’s owner wrote.

Perhaps Stella admired it too, insofar as it might be a fun way to practice her jumps! And the lesson for Ballew here, of course, is that for one, he needs to build a taller enclosure, and furthermore, never underestimate a big dog’s athletic prowess!

Watch as Stella makes a mockery of her owner’s hard work:

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