Landmark Study Links GMOs To THESE Deadly Diseases!

If you’ve been paying attention to the food industry lately, you’ve heard about the GMO labeling controversy. To refresh, President Obama signed a bill earlier this month that exempts most genetically modified food from labeling and allows for cryptic labels on foods that do require a warning.

To make matters worse, the government and academia have also made it incredibly difficult for researchers to publish information on the significant health risks of GMOs.

Take this 2012 study, for example. Researchers at the Caen University in France looked at the effects of eating genetically modified foods treated with Monsanto’s Roundup.

What they found was intense – severe liver damage, kidney malfunction, tumors and hormonal disturbances in mice exposed to Roundup far below the standard levels in Europe.

The following image shows the actual mice used in the study after long-term exposure to GMO corn.

Image: Caen University

Image: Caen University

This was the first long-term controlled study to produce such shocking results.

Then Came The Backlash

“Paul Christou demanded that our paper be retracted and insulted us personally,” write the study’s authors. “Christou is not only the editor-in-chief of Transgenic Research, the journal in which he published his article, but is also linked to Monsanto.

He is named as the inventor on several patents on GM crop technology, for most of which Monsanto owns the property rights. These include patents on the plant transformation process used to make glyphosate [Roundup]-tolerant transgenic corn plants.”

Christou was not the only dubiously-affiliated person to speak out against the study. The vast majority of the critics were plant biologists. Several, like Christou, had patents on GMOs. Some were even employees of Monsanto.

Most telling is the fact that the main critics of this study seem to be more concerned with its potential for economic disruption.

“The implications and the impacts of this uncontrolled study is having HUGE impacts, in international trade, in consumer confidence in all aspects of food safety and certainly in US state referendums on labeling,” writes Richard E. Goodman.

Goodman is the assistant editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology – the journal that originally published the Caen University study. Notably missing from Goodman’s list of concerns is any mention of concern for public health.

The Dangerous Dance Between Government And Food Officials


Even government officials got in on the action against the Caen researchers. The researchers observed lobbying from various parliaments in an effort to block the study. It all becomes very clear when you realize that Monsanto more or less controls several governments in the world.

Right here in America, for example, former Monsanto executives hold positions as commissioners in the Department of Justice, the Food and drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

How’s your brain doing?

There’s a lot of information to soak up from this article. The takeaway is this:

At this point, consumers should have absolutely no doubt as to the dangers of GMOs. Interested parties have met evidence with derision in an attempt to discredit researchers involved and make their work hard to access. We need to support local, organic farmers who are making attempts to grow healthy, non-GM produce.

Have a look at this video to learn more about the GMO controversy.



Brandon Richard is a writer, musician and blogger. He loves thinking creatively and finding new ways of looking at the world.


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MommaBear - December 7, 2016

Anything that’s not a natural food source shouldn’t be eaten. Monsanto has been kicked out and banned from other countries because of their practices…here in the USA our Govt promotes it…I on the other hand know the dangers of eating that garbage and always look for the non gmo labels on top of cutting out the fast food chains from my diet. I can only be responsible for my health and not trust a corporation that does not have my better health in mind such as the FDA There is a huge profit in killing and keeping people sick and of you think for one second that a company like that wants what is best for you then you are sadly mistaken and your ignorance will bring you sickness, disease, poor health and death. Non-GMO is the way to go….I eat like my grandparents use too….from the ground food, not a science lab. Thanks for the article!

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