A designer by the name of Ruth Grace Wong has created a sweater that has introverts everywhere screaming, “I want one!”

Dubbed the ‘leave me alone’ sweater, the chic, comfortable and cozy top features a neck you can unfurl into a pouch that zips up to let the world know you really don’t want to be bothered.

Image via Ruth Grace Wong

Speaking with Bored Panda, Ruth said the sweater is “more of a statement than a functional piece of clothing,” since you obviously can’t see much through the thick wool pouch.

Luckily, though, the sweater can be arranged into a variety of designs.

According to Elite Daily, it can be a turtleneck, an off-the-shoulder and cowl neck.

Image via Ruth Grace Wong

The best part? You can get your own!

Ruth has kindly put together a guide to making your own ‘leave me alone’ sweater with whatever fabric you like. If you’d rather buy one pre-made, head on over to Betabrand and vote for the sweater to help Ruth gain funds to produce it.

Bored Panda
Elite Daily