Bizarre Hurricane Irma Phenomenon Leaves Beaches Dry & Manatees Stuck

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Photos and videos of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma are circling the internet, leaving people around the world shocked by her power. The Hurricane ripped through the Caribbean islands then made landfall in the Florida Keys. Millions of Americans are left without power and stranded inside of their homes due to intense flooding. Many Florida residents that evacuated the area are now wondering what they have left to go home to.

The hurricane was so powerful that it left beaches in Florida and the Bahamas dry – a phenomenon that has much of the world in shock. Ocean floors became visible as the strong tropical winds pulled the ocean tides far away from the shore.



The phenomenon was caused by the low pressure of the storm. According to weather specialists, the storm’s low pressure acted as a sucking mechanism.

While some ventured out to take photos and videos of the dry ocean floors, others set out to help the marine life that was suffering. One Florida resident posted a photo of a manatee stranded on dry land. He explained that the low tide had sucked dry a nearby bay and two manatees were stranded.

With the help of a few friends, he was able to save the manatees.

Wayne Neely, a weather forecaster in the Bahamas, explained the bizarre phenomenon in detail in a Facebook post. He wrote, “A hurricane is a low-pressure area and at the center of the hurricane, you have a buildup or the piling up (a bulging effect) of water called the storm surge. At the center of the hurricane (in this case – Hurricane Irma), the water builds up at 10 to 15 feet above normal high tide. That water must come from somewhere else and for this cause, it came from the outskirts or the outer boundaries of Hurricane Irma and which for us it came from the islands of Long Island, Exuma, and Acklins which were on the boundaries of Irma.”

He continued by saying, “Basically, there is a surplus of water at the center of the storm and a deficit of water around the outer boundaries of the hurricane.”

Watch the video below to see footage of the dry ocean floor:

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