Great Dane Throws Colossal Fit After Mom Brings Home New Family Member

Some scientists believe dogs don’t experience emotions such as jealousy.  However, many dog owners still see their canine four-legged friends exhibit behavior consistent with the green-eyed monster. One dog mom knows this all too well, after her adorable Great Dane threw a monumental fit.

The Great Dane didn’t think much of it when his mother had the audacity to hold the new puppy—right in front of him, of all things!

The giant dog spared no drama telling his mom exactly how he feels about her holding the new baby. Using his size to his advantage, he places his paws on her shoulders, demanding her attention. And through it all he sports the most pitiful puppy-dog expression you can imagine.

His mom repeatedly assures him that she can hold the new puppy, and informs her big baby that he’s being pretty dramatic. Nevertheless he persists in his attempt to regain all the attention back from mom.

Although the Great Dane is taller than his mom, his demeanor is sweet and gentle. He never growls or attacks his mother, although she is cautious in how she manages his massive paws on her shoulder. The Gentle Giant doesn’t growl at the puppy, either…he just wants Mom to pay him some attention!

Watch the darling Great Dane throw a fit in a bid for Mom’s attention!

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