Raw Footage Of Flood Waters In Miami Reveal How Devastating The Situation Is

miami flooding FI

Video footage has surfaced of a store front window in Miami, Florida. In the video, it appears the water reaches half way up the door.

Josh Benson of WFLA shared the video on his twitter feed with the following caption:

Store owners in #Miami watch as their store is surrounded by a wall of water. What a terrible and uneasy feeling.

You can watch the video footage below:

Some people responded to the video with humor:

Others shared praise for the craftsmanship of the doors in question:

One thing can be for certain. This video shows the real devastation downtown Miami suffered during Hurricane Irma.

One man recorded the flooding earlier today:

Others shared the extreme flooding footage:

So, although Miami did not suffer a direct hit from the hurricane, it appears there there will a great deal of clean up to deal with in the near future.

Learn more about the flooding below:


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