Essentials for Hormone Balance

Increase energy, decrease body fat, sleep better, and live longer. 

In this 2-hr online course with David Avocado Wolfe, you will learn and experience:

- Methods to flip the switch on the aging process!

- Powerful detox strategies that balance your hormones!

- "How to" information for both men and women!

Create and Sustain Radiant Health

Decreased energy. Weight gain. Aches & pains. Loss of mobility. Lack of sleep. These do NOT have to be a normal part of aging. 

You CAN maintain the healthier state of your younger body. You CAN grow older and have an incredible quality of life. Hormones are the key to creating this future of health and happiness. Imagine the possibility of limitless future health!

With this 100% Online Course you will discover the simple keys to healthy aging so that you can:

Take Charge of Your Health

Find out how modern research into hormones is fundamentally flawed and the disastrous advice being given out by doctors that will prematurely age you. Learn about calcium supplementation and why these products are doing more harm than good for your bone and joint health. In addition, discover the cholesterol myth that could be destroying your health, and why keeping certain hormones low is key for disease prevention. 

Balance Hormones Naturally

Balancing hormones is a natural process, and by using nature as our guide, we can optimize our beneficial hormones with diet and gentle detox strategies. See significant improvements in health and energy levels by learning how to avoid the 'hormone dip' that occurs in our bodies as we age. Find out how toxins in our environment create 'fake hormones' that lead to serious health conditions, and what you can do about it starting today.  

Live With More Vitality

Women typically live longer than men. Why is that?

Find out the secret to anabolic hormone production and how this plays a key role in determining your lifespan. Take this critical information and extend the lifespan of yourself, and everyone you love. Men AND women will benefit from this cutting-edge hormone research. Understanding gender specific hormonal pathways are crucial to improving all areas of your health. 

14 Module Online Course

Video Modules, Lesson Notes & Transcripts, and Lesson Quizzes to keep your learning on track
Course Overview With David Avocado Wolfe
Module 1

Topic: Introduction                

Discover the role of anabolic hormones and why they are critical to maintaining the health of your entire body.

Module 3

Topic: Calcification                

Arthritis, cataracts, heart attacks, tumors...are these caused by calcium supplementation? Learn the best and worst types of calcium to take. 

Module 5

Topic: Advanced Methylation Strategies                

The relationship between your mood, behavior, energy level, depression, and liver toxicity... and what IS methylation exactly?

Module 7

Topic: Removing Bad Estrogens, Part 1               

Cellulite and male pattern baldness are due to the same "bad" hormone. Learn the best methods to combat these stubborn conditions.

Module 9

Topic: Thyroid Support               

The power of the thyroid, the danger of thyroid medication, and how estrogen dominance is often mistaken for thyroid disease. Know the testing you need to ask for.

Module 11

Topic: Natural Hormone Building, Part 1      

Cholesterol is not the negative factor it's made out to be. Discover the critically important role it plays in the body and with your hormones. 

Module 13

Topic: Conclusion     

With a plan and a strategy, nothing can stop you from achieving the hormonal health you are seeking!

Module 2

Topic: Progesterone and Vitamin D3                

The devastating effects cholesterol reducing medications can have on hormones and the importance of progesterone supplementation. 

Module 4

Topic: Liver Cleansing                

Toxic metabolites build over time in the liver. Find out how to keep these toxins from creating damaging long-term health conditions in your cells. 

Module 6

Topic: The Color Code                

The colors of our foods means something! Learn what each color supports within our body and an easy to remember system of identification.

Module 8

Topic: Removing Bad Estrogens, Part 2                

A comprehensive food based strategy to eliminate the overabundance of negative hormones and bring balance back to your system. 

Module 10

Topic: Natural Aromatase Inhibitors               

Natural aromatase inhibitors stop cells from metastasizing while keeping a healthy hormone balance. Learn the best natural ones to incorporate in your diet. 

Module 12

Topic: Natural Hormone Building, Part 2       

Mother Nature provides an abundance of solutions. Learn about nature's testosterone and estrogen boosters and regulators. 

Module 14

Topic: Final Review Quiz     

Test your comprehension of the past 13 Modules. Earn your certificate of completion!

This power packed course contains all the essential learning points you need to know, condensed into 1.5 hours of video content. Watch the most pertinent, up-to-date hormone information, read the lesson summaries, download the video transcriptions, and quiz yourself after each module is complete. 

Start today and become a source of inspiration and guidance to everyone you know!

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