Common Electronic Accessory Explodes On Plane. Lights Woman’s Face On Fire.


When an unidentified woman was trying to relax on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne, the last thing she expected was her headphones to explode—but they did.

As if exploding cellphones and exploding e-cigarettes weren’t already bad enough, you can now add headphones to your list of unassuming devices that second as bombs.

It’s not all headphones, though, because apparently the woman was using wireless battery-powered ones—another reminder that a common cause of these technology malfunctions is the lithium-ion battery inside.

While sleeping, the passenger says she heard the explosion right next to her head.

“As I went to turn around I felt burning on my face,” she said, “I just grabbed my face which caused the headphones to go around my neck.”

It was at this point that she realized the device was actually on fire and burning her neck, face, and hair. Impulsively, she ripped the device off her head and tossed it to the cabin floor.

“As I went to stamp my foot on them the flight attendants were already there with a bucket of water to pour on them,” she said, “They put them into the bucket at the rear of the plane…People were coughing and choking the entire way home.”

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) did not reveal which name brand of headphones was involved in the incident, saying, “it wasn’t important.”

One of the photos posted by the passenger reveals that the explosion was hot enough to even leave her with blisters:



Daily Mail

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