Diver Sees Glass Bottle Move & Is Shocked By What Creature Comes Out!

Forget message in a bottle! …Unless, perhaps, it’s written in octopus ink? This sweet little octopus, featured in the video below, is capturing the interest of internet users everywhere!  At first, the diver that took the video didn’t know what animal might be lurking in the moving beer bottle.  But then captured the remarkable moment when the animal makes a full appearance!  It was a small octopus, who managed to wiggle his way into the even smaller glass bottle neck, and back out again.

Filmed in Blairgoriw, Victoria, the octopus and glass bottle video has been viewed over 2 million times.

And it’s easy to see why. It’s a fascinating moment, when the little guy, using waste human beings have carelessly tossed aside, slithers out from his little home like he’s simply out for a morning stroll. Though the octopus is small, the neck of the bottle is even smaller, but so it goes with this particular animal. Octopuses have no bones, and as such, are able to squeeze into and through small spaces.

At first it looks like some sort of sea worm is crawling out of the bottle, but then moments later, you see the rest of the tentacles furl out from this animal’s spot. Perhaps this sweet creature of the sea intended to act as a message in a bottle by delivering a message across the sea? Or, he was simply making use of what he thought would be an excellent hiding spot from a predator.

However, some have joked on YouTube that the octopus was experiencing a hangover after spending the night drinking the bottle’s contents! All joking aside, the video is an excellent reminder of just how awesome our oceans truly are.

Watch the remarkable moment when the octopus spills out from his tiny hiding place!

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