Between the foods we eat, the water we drink, the environment in which we live and the products we use, toxin exposure is everywhere. Take this detox quiz to see if you need to help your body properly rid of toxins.

Simple 15-Question Detox Quiz:


Toxins can affect our bodies in some pretty horrible ways. They infiltrate our systems and wreak their havoc, resulting in many unpleasant symptoms and illnesses.

Get Better Sleep

If you frequently wake up in the early hours of the morning, it could be a sign that your liver is overwhelmed with toxins. Remember, while your liver is meant to detox your body on its own, it sometimes needs your help. Doing a detox liver cleanse can help achieve this.

Clear Up Your Skin

If you struggle with acne, it could also be a sign of too many toxins in your body. It also signals a hormonal imbalance. Doing a detox cleanse can help you better understand what the cause of your acne is and help you balance hormones.

Improve Your Mood and Overall Feeling of Well-Being

Doing a detox can work wonders for your body. Furthermore, it can make you feel better. If you constantly struggle with fatigue, depression or anxiety, a detox cleanse and overall change in diet may serve you well.

A Better You

Your score on this detox quiz may imply you don’t currently need to do a detox cleanse. However, you may still struggle with sleep, mood,  fatigue, or other toxin-related symptoms. As such, you may still wish to do a detox cleanse to address the areas in your life that need improvement.