David Wolfe in Montréal!

Next weekend in Montréal: An extraordinary event with David Wolfe! Join us for a gourmet and inspiring event for achieving radiant health!

Saturday October 12 & Sunday October 13 at the Grande Bibliothèque National du Québec. For more details visit: http://www.crudessence.com/fr/conference-david-wolfe

We invite all our nearby friends to come by and say bonjour. There will be freshly harvested Spring Water and an abundance of Chaga. See you there!!



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  • Celine

    Dear David,
    I recently attended your talk in Montreal. I went with my father and it was such a wonderful experience for both of us. You kindly spend time with us afterwards and answered some of my father’ s questions. I left the talk feeling completely inspired and I appreciate you even more after meeting you. Your kindness and generosity are so appreciated!

    I could not get over how delicious and I felt so good after drinking that fresh spring water. Could you please tell me which spring you went to get the water?

    May peace and happiness be with you and your family,

    • David Wolfe

      Dear Celine,

      Please consult Find a Spring to discover some of the amazing fresh water springs in Quebec. Many are close to Montreal.

      Happy Spring Water Hunting & lots of LOVE to you & your Family