Daughter Teaches Father How To Selfie & His Pictures Are The Best Ever!

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This shepherd from Australia is becoming a celebrity after cute selfies with his pets go viral…

According to Bored Panda the series of photos was originally posted to the “Cool Dog Group” Facebook page. This shepherd from Walcha, Australia has become an overnight celebrity after his daughter taught him to take selfies and those selfies went viral all over the internet. The selfies included the shepherd with two adorable dogs and what looks like a sheep.

Once the pictures of this Australian man with his two dogs started going viral The Land found the person from the photos and interviewed them about their new-found fame. The man’s name is Lance Partridge and he’s a bit of a reluctant internet celebrity since his daughter uploaded photos of him that have since gone viral.

These are the pictures that are making everyone fall in love with this shepherd and his herd:


The Land spoke to Lance Partridge, the shepherd from Australia about how the photos ended up on the internet:

“I don’t even know how to use Facebook, let alone how to like something,” Mr Partridge said.

“My daughter uploaded the photo onto Facebook and then it started being shared.”

Mr. Partridge admitted that the beard isn’t a part of his normal look:

“I am a little embarrassed because there are a lot of people talking about it,” Mr Partridge said.

“I was just taking photos of my beard because I had been playing a hillbilly in a musical society production and my wife wouldn’t let me keep it.”

He has been getting a lot of attention and he might be starting to regret letting his daughter convince him to get involved in social media:

“I definitely won’t be letting my daughter get my phone again,”

Sources: Bored Panda The Land

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