Watch As No-Nonsense Dad Calmly Shuts Down Daughter’s Temper Tantrum

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When it come to parenting, there are often are no easy answers. Most parents say they’ve learned the best parenting techniques that work for them by trial and error. They learn as they go along. While one approach might not work for every parent, one dad found an effective way to handle his daughter’s tantrums and shared his insights in a video that has been viewed 21 million times.

And instead of screaming or hitting his child, this dad remains calm throughout the entire tantrum.

Terrel Rico Relz Crawford, as a father of four, knows a thing or two about parenting. And so when his toddler daughter started screaming in the middle of WalMart, he knew exactly what to do. He didn’t yell back at her, nor did he spank her. Instead, he immediately took her out to the parking lot in a calm, collective manner.

In fact, throughout most of the video, he doesn’t speak to her, but speaks to the camera. He occasionally stops to ask his daughter “are you done?” as her cries and screams start to diminish.

Crawford also reminds us that children that age “don’t know what they’re doing”–and it’s true.  When a young child is upset, they are all emotion and no logic. Sometimes the best thing you can do is ignore them, but Crawford also makes sure his daughter knows there are consequences to her actions. If she is going to throw a fit, she doesn’t get to walk around WalMart with her mommy.

Crawford admits he isn’t always perfect in his parenting, but he prefers to take his daughter somewhere boring when she throws a tantrum, no arguments, no discussion, no nothing.

What do you think of Crawford’s approach to tantrums? Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

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