He Pours a Full Cup of Salt Down the Drain. The Reason Will Amaze you!

We use salt for everything from seasoning our food to keeping our pathways clear of ice in the winter. It is a very diverse compound that is also key to keeping us hydrated and alive!

However, salt has more uses than keeping us ice free and nicely hydrated. It is also perfect for all sorts of little household problems that are often a hassle.

In his video, HouseholdHacker takes us through 7 salt hacks anyone can easily perform in any home or apartment. It is great for cleaning, removing stickiness, cleaning greasy pans and sponges, and even unclogging the bathtub. I cannot wait to give some of these awesome salt hacks a try.

Check them out!

In some of the hacks he uses more than just salt, but most of the other items are things people already have at home.

Are you ready to give these salt hacks a try?

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(h/t: Sungazing)


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Debbie - February 24, 2016

What happened to the “Full cup of Salt Down The Drain”, for what reason??? Did I just miss something??? (Did see the vinegar/baking soda, followed by vinegar, BTW)

    CraftyCanuck - February 28, 2016

    He says, ‘A fourth of a cup of baking soda, & a fourth of a cup of salt’. I’ve tried it before, and it works as long as the clog isn’t too large.

Noël Roegiest - February 27, 2016

Looks great as a solution to multiple household problems :)

Carol Houchin - March 9, 2016

I didn’t see anything about the “Full Cup of Salt…” Your title is misleading.

kerribug - May 14, 2016

Table salt should only be used for household use.
It is poison to the body. It is highly processed.
Sea salt Himalayan is better.

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