By Gillian B

A few years ago, I met and interviewed someone and my life became a whole lot more magical as a result!

This was my very first interview with the one and only David “Avocado” Wolfe, during which I had the opportunity to ask him my burning questions!

At the time, I was living in the heart of Toronto and was dealing with some nagging health issues, namely Adrenal Fatigue and Candida, which I felt were exacerbated by pollution, limited access to nature and of course the unsustainable pace of city life.

If you can relate, then watch our interview to see what David recommends!

I am happy to share that since the interview, I have totally changed my life. I moved across the country to the West Coast to be closer to nature and live a slower paced life. I left the city and all of it’s intensity behind, and doing so freed up a lot of energy for healing. I have transformed inside and out!

I have no more anxiety or future-tripping, the quality of my sleep has improved drastically, my nervous system is far less sensitive and hyper-vigilant, and my energy levels are consistent throughout the day.

In addition to incorporating David’s suggestions, I believe that changing my environment has brought me more in alignment with the life I want to live, and it was paramount in my healing. We are after all products of our environment!

I know there are so many others out there who can relate. We push ourselves far too hard and it takes a major toll on our health. I pushed myself until my body said “NO.” It literally gave out on me and refused to take the abuse of perfectionism, busyness and too much ambition any longer.

I had no other choice but to STOP and really listen to what my body needed. It was a slow and frustrating process, because I had to let go of the identity that had gotten me to that point of burnout.

If your body is starting to give you the warning signs, I urge you to listen and take the message very seriously. Adrenal fatigue is real. I hope that my experience (and David’s suggestions) can save you some trouble down the road.

I’ve shared many of my healing reflections over on my blog so go and check them out!


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