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Estonian Students Build Giant Megaphones To Amplify Sounds Of The Forest

On September 18th, a group of interior architecture students from the Estonian Academy of Arts constructed three gigantic, wooden megaphones in the middle of RMK’s Pähni Nature Centre to amplify the sound of the surrounding forest. The main purpose of these megaphones? To better hear nature. Image Credit: Tõnu Tunnel Hannes Praks, head of the Interior Architecture […]


Helicopter Parenting – Statistics Show You Need To Let Your Child Be Free

While always hovering over your kids might seem like deep love and natural protective instincts, it can actually create lasting problems for your children. Helicopter parenting is rising as a parenting style, as more and more parents have a harder time allowing their children to learn independence and self-sufficiency. Image: Wikipedia At least that is […]


The Ingenious Alarm Clock That Makes You Coffee

If you have a hard time functioning in the morning, chances are you reach for your kettle and make yourself a nice, warm cup of coffee. I’ve certainly had my fair share of days that just went horribly wrong until I popped into work and was able to make myself an expresso shot. I’d be mad […]


She Rubs THIS on Her Face and the Result is Amazing!

For centuries, facial hair has been sort of an area for concern in women, with many having concern over hair constantly popping up above their upper lips. While many women have resorted to using wax as a solution for the issue, there is actually a natural solution that’s proven to be quite effective in the […]


15 Obscure and Captivating Places To Add To Your Travel List

Everyone knows about the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and the Great Wall of China. They are well known monuments that visitors travel to every year. However, is are lesser known wonders of the world that are even more beautiful and relaxing than the aforementioned locations. Come and join me as we take a […]


Photographer Captures Perfectly A Baby’s Position in the Womb

How do babies fit in the womb? This is always seems to be a question parent have after their babies are born and Marry Fermont, a photographer from Middleburg, Netherlands, answers this question with a picture. There are many misconceptions about what babies look like when they are inside their mothers. Mostly, that has to […]


Spectacular Village Built For Dementia Patients In the Netherlands!

  In the Netherlands, medical patients who suffer from dementia are not locked away in big anonymous buildings, but instead manageable and pleasant residential areas. Patients live out their lives in a town that is devoted to caring for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The town called Hogeweyk, is located just outside of Amsterdam […]

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