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Research Shows Beards Are Good For Health, Shaving Is Bad

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, beards are in. From Father John Misty to Leonardo DiCaprio and that creepily mature-looking 15-year-old that hangs out at the back of every high school classroom, beards can be seen on the faces of just about every male capable of growing one. […]


This Is What Your Poop Says About Your Health

By Gillian B Poop. We all do it, hopefully daily, but we don’t usually like to talk about it. But today we’re getting down and dirty and talking all about good ol’ number two. First, here’s a bit of a strange request. I want you to get into the habit of observing your dump. I know, a lot of us […]


4 Excellent Reasons To Wake Up At 6 A.M.

To some people, mornings bring intense dread; the annoying sound of a beeping alarm clock instantly generates a bad mood, and getting both feet out of bed seems like the most difficult task they’ll encounter all day. And it doesn’t get better from there; using body wash as shampoo is a maybe, and the chance of […]


Suffer From Migraines? This Piercing Could Be a Solution

“You got another piercing? C’mon, what purpose could that thing possibly have?” Humans have been poking holes in themselves since at least 4,000 years ago in the Middle East according to the aptly named Painful Pleasures. So why have people traditionally done this, you ask? Originally, piercings – more specifically, the rings that went in said […]


Avocado Oil is the New Coconut Oil — But How Do You Use It!?

Avocados are quickly becoming America’s favorite fruit. The amount of essential vitamins and minerals they contain make them one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can add to your diet. The avocado craze has been in effect for a while now, but just in case you are not entirely convinced, avocado oil is making its […]


5 Popular Condiments You Can Make At Home and NEVER Buy Again!

Chances are, if you’ve got even half-baked cooking skills, you’ve attempted to make everything from homemade cakes to pies and brownies. However, there are a few items in your refrigerator or pantry that you’ve probably never thought about whipping up from scratch on your own – things so basic that you probably never even give […]


Harvard Scientist Urges People to Stop Drinking “Low-Fat” and Sweetened Milk Immediately

For years, advertising campaigns have promoted the benefits of drinking milk. TV ads have sung milk’s praises, declaring that it supposedly increases everything from bone strength to vitamin intake. So when low-fat milk came along, the world rejoiced, as we all tend to whenever a beloved product gets a ‘low-fat’ sticker slapped on its container. However, it […]

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