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9 Houseplants That Clean The Air And Are Nearly Impossible To Kill

What’s green, enjoys the sunshine, drinks water and can improve the quality of air in your house? If you guessed a houseplant, then you are correct! According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is one of the greatest risks to public health. On the surface, it may not look like […]


Mix These 2 Things Before Bed And Never Wake Up Tired Again!

Have you ever woken up after several hours of sleep to find yourself still groggy? I have. It’s intuitive to think that a long sleep should leave you feeling regenerated and refreshed but in reality, it’s not just about the amount of time you spend asleep; it’s about the quality of that sleep as well. A study […]


9 Reasons Why Chocolate is Good for You (#1 Longevity Food)

Cacao or Chocolate is probably one of the best-loved superfoods out there. Yes, chocolate can be a superfood. That is because chocolate comes with a whole host of surprising health benefits. The cacao beans in the chocolate are really where all the benefits come from, and cacao contains chemicals such as theobromine and flavonoids that […]


Shocking: You May Have 33 Pounds of Toxins in Your Intestines. Get Rid of Them!

The digestive system is the part of the body that comes in the most contact with everything that is consumed. Over time, toxins and waste will build up and cause an assortment of health issues including constipation, diarrhea, irregular bowel movements, weakened immune system, and low energy. By performing a colon cleanse, one can fix […]


6 Awesome Herbs to Heal Body and Mind

For thousands of years, natural herbs have been used to treat common health problems successfully and without side effects. Now, many illnesses are treated with artificial pharmaceuticals that come with a whole list of side effects. Although studies on the use of these common natural treatments are extensive, they are not favored by the big pharmaceutical […]


These 3 Wild Herbs Can Activate Lucid Dreaming

How many of us remember our dreams? How many of us can control them? People who have lucid dreams know they are dreaming, and they have the ability to control their dreams. According to Nick Polizzi of The Sacred Science: “The lucid dreamers I know are able to navigate their dreamscape with an awakened mind, […]


Cucumber Dill Hummus

By Gillian B Who says hummus has to be boring? Try this fantastic, quick and easy recipe that is loaded with goodness and makes the perfect snack! Cucumber Dill Hummus Ingredients: 2 cups chickpeas, soaked and cooked 2 springs fresh dill, washed, stems removed ½ cucumber washed, skin on, roughly chopped ½ teaspoon sea salt […]


Rawtella Stuffed Pancakes

By Gillian B If there is one thing that most of us remember from our childhood, it is Nutella! While it sure did taste great, it turns out that Nutella was not all that good for us. Lucky for all the kids at heart, there is a healthy alternative called Rawtella that tastes INCREDIBLE! It has all […]


Easy Quinoa Crust Pizza

By Gillian B Who says pizza has to be ‘bad’ for you? This recipe takes a classic comfort food and gives it superpowers. The crust uses very few ingredients, is easy to make, high in protein and totally gluten-free! Best ever! Easy Quinoa Crust Pizza     Makes 2 individual pizzas Ingredients: 1.5 cup quinoa, […]

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