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Ring in Spring with Heirloom Carrot Fries

If you’re looking for a colorful party appetizer or delicious snack to say hello to spring, these baked heirloom carrot fries are absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Make sure you get small, thin carrots so that they bake evenly. Serve them as is, or with a delicious herb oil drizzle! Here’s the recipe: Baked Heirloom Carrot […]


Dow Chemical Urges Trump Administration To Ignore These Pesticide Findings From The EPA

In conflict with the EPA’s own research/findings, Dow Chemical company is urging the Trump Administration to disregard government studies suggesting the harmful effects of widely-used pesticides. Dow, along with two other producers of organophsophates, urged members of Trump’s cabinets “to set aside” the EPA’s conclusions that the pesticides chlorpyrifos, diazinon, and malathion are “likely to adversely […]


Super Filling Snack: Cucumber Chips with Hummus

The secret to smart snacking is choosing fiber-rich, real foods, which will fill you up, without filling you out, like this hummus on cucumber chips. While you could dunk any vegetables into a bowl of hummus, elevate your snacking by making these more hors d’oeuvres like: Slice cucumbers into “chips,” lay them out on a […]


For the 3pm Munchies: Cookie Dough Bliss Balls

When the 3pm sugar or snack craving hits, consider having these cookie dough bliss balls on hand to satisfy the cravings in a healthier way. Made from cashews and dark chocolate, this treat is rich and decadent, yet better than most cookies, cakes, or desserts you’ll find in a vending machine or corner store run. […]


7 Reasons Why Maple Syrup Should Be Your Sweetener

Yep, maple syrup. We’re telling you that sweet, sticky substance that makes the perfect topping for waffles and pancakes should be your new choice in sweetener. It turns out that maple syrup has some pretty amazing health benefits that often get overlooked. Now before you grab your Aunt Jemima out of your cupboard and start […]


2 Women Treated For Rabies After They Find THIS In Salad Bag

Imagine buying a bag of fresh, organic spring mix at the grocery store, then taking it out of the refrigerator at home and prepping a delicious salad. Just as you sit down to take a bite, you notice a chunk of something that doesn’t look like it should be in there. Now think of one […]


5-Year-Old Rushed To The Hospital After He Swallows This!

Many kids (and many adults) have a habit of eating as quickly as they can. If the food they’re eating comes in small pieces, they’re probably going to eat handfuls at a time. An Australian blogger recently shared a photo on her Facebook page to warn parents of the dangers of letting their young children […]


3 Foods That Significantly Increase Your Alzheimer’s Risk

It’s estimated that as many as 5.1 million Americans may have Alzheimer’s disease. An Alzheimer’s diagnoses can be devastating to a patient, their friends and their family members. While there is no cure for the disease, there are several foods that can significantly increase your Alzheimer’s risk. By limiting these foods in your diet, you […]


Mediterranean Mushroom Quinoa

A pressure cooker is a smart choice for cooking weeknight meals. It intensifies flavors and can cook things upwards of 50% faster than other cooking methods. This Mediterranean Mushroom Quinoa will taste like you spent hours cooking it, but it comes together quickly and makes the perfect weeknight meal.   Here’s the recipe: Mediterranean Mushroom […]

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