She Sets Up A Camera To See How Nurses Treat Her Grandma. The Footage Is Shocking!

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At the age of 98, Minnie Graham began complaining to her family members about the quality of care she was receiving at her nursing home in Garland, Texas.

According to The Dallas Observer, Minnie’s family soon began noticing marks and bruises on her body that appeared to back up her claims of abuse. Her grandchildren reportedly just didn’t know what to make of it and decided to set up a camera to see what was going on.

The footage wound up being worse than they could’ve ever imagined.

Not only were staff hitting Minnie. They also mocked her, pulled and pushed her and – at one point – even reportedly gagged her with a used towel.

“That should never happen to people, ever, in nursing homes, anywhere,” declared Families for Better Care executive director Brian Lee according to CBS News.

“Nursing homes need to hold themselves accountable and step up and start providing better care,” continued Lee, whose organization published research indicating Texas nursing homes are among the worst in the nation.

Tragically, even if that does happen, Minnie Graham won’t be able to benefit from the change.

CBS News reports that she died just weeks after her story went viral.

“She just gave up on life,” argued her granddaughter. “She didn’t want to live anymore, and then to be treated like that in her last days.”

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