George Bush appeared to be having quite the struggle at Donald Trump’s inauguration earlier today – and the results have gone viral.

It wasn’t a political rival or complex moral issue that stumped the former U.S. President but a plastic poncho.

\As Cosmopolitan puts it, “three key figures” showed up to the event today – “former President George Bush, former President George Bush’s clear plastic rain poncho, and the rain what would render the poncho necessary.”

And, well…

Image: Reuters

Unsurprisingly, that visual quickly made its way online, where it became the subject of numerous jokes.

“Never thought that in 2017 I’d say that George W. Bush was my spirit animal,” wrote Twitter user @RachelLeishman. “Yet here we are.”

@mcstrollo joked, “Joe Biden memes are great, but have you seen George W. Bush fighting a poncho?”

“Some people never change,” remarked @Kasperloeye.

@torimwilson_, meanwhile, declared that the whole fiasco is “the best thing that has happened in 2017.”

According to Bustle, this remarkable Bush sighting is a rather rare public appearance by the former President.

Instead of being out and about in public, he’s been painting.

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