Watch This Bus Driver Jump Into Action After Seeing Child In Deadly Situation

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Every day, parents put an immense amount of trust in their children’s teachers, babysitters, daycare providers, and other adults who come in contact with their kids. The above list includes the often under-appreciated school bus driver, who not only must follow the rules of the road in order to safely transport children to and from school, but must also sometimes act as a first-responder to an emergency situation.

Such is the story in the video below, between a quick-thinking bus driver and a 5-year-old boy.

It started when another child told the bus driver that his friend was choking on a coin. From there, the driver sprung into action and gave the choking child abdominal thrusts. Thankfully, the coin was soon dislodged from his throat. And the bus driver, after consoling him and cleaning up his mouth, told him to never do something like that again!

Thank goodness the bus driver was able to save this little boy’s life! Another moment or two, and he might have lost consciousness.

And as it is, bus drivers don’t exactly have the easiest job in the world. They have to navigate traffic in a large vehicle, all while controlling a bus full of, at times, rowdy children. Furthermore, it’s a low-paying gig bound by rules and restrictions. But these are the people who are transporting our children to and from school. They play a key role in their safety and, in this case and many more like it, even sometimes save children’s lives. Perhaps it’s time we start giving them the praise they deserve!

Watch the heroic bus driver jump up to save the choking child’s life!

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