The Real Cause of Birth Defects in Brazil: Zika or Improper Vaccine Use?

At this point, we are all hearing through various media channels about the “Zika crisis” in Brazil. Babies are being born with small heads (microcephaly) who will end up living a diminished lifespan if they survive at all. It is awful, and of course, the world wants a fast answer.

That is where the “Zika virus” metaphorically stepped in. This virus is now being blamed for the high occurrence of Guillain-Barré syndrome and microcephaly now present in northeast Brazil. However, is this the true culprit?

Let’s start out with some basic information about the virus.

The Zika virus is mosquito-borne illness, just like Dengue Fever or the West Nile Virus. Generally, the symptoms of this virus include fever, rash, joint pain, or conjunctivitis. Hospitalization-associated with Zika is uncommon, and death is extremely rare. (Source)

Until recently, Zika was not associated with either microcephaly or Guillain-Barré syndrome, and it is not a new virus. It was discovered in 1947 and is currently present in areas of Asia and Africa. (Source)

A map of known Zika infections around the world.

Zika_virus_infections_worldwide.svg Wikimedia

Note that Zika is not a new virus — It has been around for decades. No explanation has been given as to why suddenly it could be causing all these cases of microcephaly. No one is seriously asking the question, “What has changed?” (Source)

Not even the CDC can confirm that Zika is the cause of these terrible birth defects.

“We do not know if Zika virus infection causes GBS [Guillain-Barré syndrome]. It is difficult to determine if any particular pathogen “caused” GBS. The Brazil Ministry of Health is reporting an increased number of people affected with GBS. The CDC is working to determine if Zika and GBS are related.”


“There have been reports of a serious birth defect of the brain called microcephaly (a condition in which a baby’s head is smaller than expected when compared to babies of the same sex and age) and other poor pregnancy outcomes in babies of mothers who were infected with Zika virus while pregnant. Knowledge of the link between Zika and these outcomes is evolving, but until more is known, the CDC recommends special precautions for the following groups…”

It may be that Zika is not the confirmed cause of the microcephaly and GBS cases currently popping up. It is still a theory and groups are still working towards discovering if there is a real connection between the two. (Source)

However, while keeping their focus on the virus, are they missing the real culprit?

Brazil had been experiencing high occurrences of whooping cough, or pertussis, in 2013. Because of this problem, it was mandated in October 2014 that all pregnant women would receive the TDAP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) vaccine. (Source)

This goes against standard practice for TDAP use.

This is a quote from the creator of the specific vaccine that was used:

“A developmental toxicity study has been performed in female rats at a dose approximately 40 times the human dose (on a mL/kg basis) and revealed no evidence of harm to the fetus due to BOOSTRIX [a TDAP vaccine]. Animal fertility studies have not been conducted with BOOSTRIX. There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Because animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human response, BOOSTRIX should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.”


Some might argue that the high cases of whooping cough may mean the vaccine was “clearly needed,” but no one is looking into the fact that this vaccine policy came into effect roughly 7 months before cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome and microcephaly started to arise. That is enough time for any new mother to have received the vaccine at some point in their pregnancy.

When we started to do our own research about the Zika virus, we thought it was new, and we thought it was contained to Brazil. The fact that this virus is found in other places around the world and is not tied to either Guillain-Barré syndrome or microcephaly in those areas has some meaning. However, this does not mean that the TDAP is the apparent culprit.

It could be that the Zika virus in Brazil evolved in a way that does cause harm to an unborn child. Maybe it is a combination of the virus and the vaccine or maybe it is an unknown factor. We do not know, and scientists do not know either.

According to Scientific American:

“Zika virus has been grabbing headlines because of its links to an alarming birth defect called microcephaly. The data to provide evidence linking the relatively mild mosquito-borne disease and babies born with small heads and potential brain damage, however, are not yet conclusive. World Health Organization and U.S. government officials discussed this data gap today in a series of public comments and press briefings.”

They do not know the true cause yet and other groups are working towards yet another vaccine that they hope will “fix the problem.”

On January 28th, Street Insider published the following quote:

“Inovio Pharma CEO J. Joseph Kim said in a phone interview with Bloomberg that it plans to start testing its DNA-based Zika vaccine in non-human primates. Currently the vaccine is being tested on lab mice, but it is able to move faster than traditional vaccine development timelines. Testing in humans is targeted for this year.”

Is another vaccine the answer to this situation? Is Zika really the cause microcephaly?

Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Picni Carea - February 6, 2016

My God you’re a nutcase David.Please just shut the fck up already .

    Nik - February 7, 2016

    Why? For asking the question that no-one knows the answer to, and the mainstream media are avoiding like the plague? (little irony there, folks.) I mean, it’s not like vaccines have ever harmed anyone, right?

      Picni Carea - February 7, 2016

      False reasoning and mistruth from a self-serving,conspiratorial fear-mongerer. And a completely unqualified snake oil salesman.Great source of “truth”.deer placenta anyone?

        KNB - February 14, 2016

        Talk about fear-mongering? The Zika virus is only found in a small percentage of the microcephalic babies’ brain tissue — many of those babies do not have it! There is a major rush to spray chemicals, when pesticides might be the problem, or a push for vaccinations when a particular vaccine distribution might be the problem! Either way, our leaders better slow down and give proper analysis to the situation before spending billions we don’t even have, polluting our earth more, endangering health more — in general making the matter worse. It’d be better to just let people get the flu-like Zika virus without drastic interventions which hurt worse. Now THEY ARE FEAR-MONGERING with the Guilliane-Barre syndrome paralysis aspect which is such a few cases in thousands — yeah, so take a sledge hammer to kill an ant, that will be the right method to use to destroy this. Beware of such stupidity, at best, or as some deem there is a regular malignant course of $$ and power to some sectors of the govt. and pharmaceutical industry, at worst — either way it doesn’t matter; it simply has not been handled correctly.

      Dallas McMillan - August 14, 2016

      For posting obviously bogus conspiracy theories that only serve to make ignorant people scared

Marie Pearce - February 6, 2016

Why do the media insist on calling the deformities Zika Virus? Why not use its correct name Microcephaly? I read that of the affected babies that died from the condition only a very small minority showed any trace of Zika Virus in their autopsy reports, if this is true then surely, we should look for alternative causes, leave no stone unturned.

John Fryer - February 9, 2016

There are many new health problems in today’s Brazil and the attitude of Picni Carea does not help resolve the issues.

First if vaccines are involved then history tells us it will not even be considered as a cause.

But it is reported that the use of vaccines has now been halted !

Further it is well known that not only every illness suffered by these infants is an adverse effect of the vaccine used. Excluding ZIKA of course!

The manufacturer claims the vaccine used has an extra punch in it with more powerful adjuvants.

It seems the effects of the more powerful adjuvant is too powerful for two in a hundred fetuses!

Please note that in USA this level of malformation to babies is accepted as NORMAL!

demetri - February 15, 2016

anonhq com/is-zika-linked-birth-defects-a-monsanto-cover-up/

demetri - February 15, 2016

thefreethoughtproject com/doctors-groups-deny-microcephaly-zika-connection-blame-monsanto-linked-pesticide-birth-defects/

DeeDee Shaw - August 9, 2016

While I think it is highly irresponsible to vaccinate, I think it has more to do with the heavy use of pesticides, and the unpredictable results of releasing GMO misquitoes in 2012. They admit that a “small” number of females (which bite) also are among the population….they really don’t know what the results of being bitten by one would be. I am a non vaxxer, but see these other two issues as the smoking guns. It is alao interesting to look at the real numbers. Some of those mothers who had children born with birth defects were NOT infected with Zika.

anitahandle - October 12, 2016

1) Zika does not cause microcephaly. Among mosquito borne viruses, Zika does not pose a major threat. Only one out of 5 people exposed has any symptoms at all; the others have only minor flu like symptoms.
2) Vaccines do NOT cause autism nor do they cause microcephaly.
3) Zika conspiracy people are not likely to be autism conspiracy people and visa versa.
4) Zika alarmists, like Global Warming alarmists, are tools of Big Government’s quest to bring down Western Civilization by robbing their citizens of their hard earned cash to enrich political empires.
5) Autism alarmists are just dangerously ignorant folks that just need to get a clue.
I hope this clears the clouds of confusion.

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