Baby Goes To Play With Serious Husky & His Reaction Is Adorable

baby husky FI

This serious-looking Husky has the cutest reaction to this baby who is trying to pet him…

This Husky seems like he’s all business while he’s sitting beside this young baby. However, when the baby decides they want to play with the dog something incredibly cute happens. Not only does the Husky let the baby pet it but it also rolls over on to its back giving the young baby a couple of licks to show its love.

The Husky’s reaction to the baby wanting to play is absolutely priceless. In fact, it’s so cute that the cameraman can’t keep himself from bursting out in laughter while filming. There was apparently too much cute for him to handle because as soon as the Husky starts licking the baby and rolling over the cameraman cracks up.

This video goes to show that even big dogs like this Husky can be perfect companions for a little baby. Even this serious Husky melts at the sight of a newborn baby. This serious-looking husky completely changes his demeanor when they realize there’s a baby in the mix. These two are the reason dogs are called “man’s best friend.”

At first this Husky is all business, watching television like a good doggo:

The sweet Husky didn’t realize the baby wanted his attention at first, maintaining his professional look:

Once the Husky realizes the baby is reaching out for his attention he immediately starts cuddling with them:

Watch the moment a baby realizes why dogs are called man’s best friend:

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