While many personality quizzes will have typically up to ten questions, this one has but two. Yes, that’s right, two questions! Based on a study that sought to discover how population density affects individuals, the quiz, provided by Bright Side, will determine the approximate levels of your IQ and happiness.

The study in question showed evidence that people with a high intellect displayed remarkably similar traits.

The quiz will help determine whether or not you are one of them. It is prudent to note, however, that your choices could equate to dozens of different conclusions that have little to do with IQ or happiness. The quiz is just for fun, though there could be some truth to your results! You probably know yourself better than anyone else, so it’s up to you to decide if your results are accurate or not.

Read the questions below and come up with your answers. Then, scroll down to read the analysis that correlates with your responses. Have fun!

1. Could you live in a metropolis?

A. No, big crowds stress me out.

B. I wouldn’t mind it; I’d feel right at home.

2.  Do you feel lonely and experience withdrawal symptoms if you aren’t able to have constant contact with your friends?

A. For the most part, yes!

B. Not so much.


If you chose the first option for both questions:

You are likely high on the “happiness index.”

If you chose the second option for both questions:

You possess the typical qualities of someone with a high IQ. Individuals with the highest intellect are the best at adapting to new environments, including a heavily populated city. These are the people who can most likely survive on their own without the support of friends.

If you chose differing options:

You’ve probably found a good balance between happiness and intelligence.

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