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From David Wolfe

War, disease, hunger, poverty, while these things have plagued the world for hundreds of years, one thing is apparent, no one enjoys them.

They are not addicting like the green sugary liquid that millions consume every single day. That’s right, I’m talking about Mountain Dew.

Mountain Dew

The original formula was invented in 1940 by Tennessee beverage bottlers Barney and Ally Hartman. Bill Bridgforth revised that method in 1958 and sold the rights to the Tip Corporation of Marion, Virginia.

William H. “Bill” Jones of the Tip Corporation further developed the formula, creating the version of Mountain Dew that we all know and love. Pepsi-Cola company purchased the rights to the “Green Monster” and began mass producing it in 1964.

This fuzzy drink is big in the South, especially in the Appalachian region as shown below.


Image Credit: The Huffington Post

In the Appalachian Mountains, Mountain Dew has a cult-like following. It’s no coincidence that Central Appalachia is No. 1 in the nation in toothlessness. This epidemic is known as Mountain Dew Mouth.

(If you’re squeamish, we suggest you skip past this)

Mountain Dew Mouth

Image Credit: Healthline

Mountain Dew is killing people all around the world, but many of us are too blind to see.

Don’t believe it? Let’s look at the stats.

Acidic Beyond Belief

We learn from a very young age to never lick a battery because it has acid in it. Well, here’s a fun fact for you. Battery acid (pH=1), Coke/Pepsi (pH = 2.5), Mountain Dew (pH =3). Is your mind blown yet?

Note: These numbers come straight from the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. The lower the number, the more acidic the substance.


Testosterone Changes

There’s always been a rumor that Mountain Dew makes young men’s genital regions smaller. While that’s not necessarily true, the bottle it comes in does affect hormones. It’s due to BPA in plastic and can linings. BPA keeps the acid in the soda from destroying the can. When studied by researchers and scientists, the results show that this toxin significantly increases the chance of infertility, reproductive cancers, altering pancreas beta cells, cardiovascular disease, and thyroid dysfunction.


False Advertising

Every great product has a marketing slogan that gets the people going. Red Bull claims to give “you wings,” M&M wants you to know they “melt in your mouth, not in your hands,” and Mountain Dew tells its consumers that it’s product is “Game Fuel.”

Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Image Credit: Flickr

Each day, hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world pop in their favorite game and play for up to 12 hours all while downing Mountain Dew.

“They’re just sitting for 12 hours, pounding sodas,” one research told Environmental Health News. 

This “Game Fuel” isn’t only for gamers. Honey Boo Boo, who gained fame after appearing on Toddlers and Tiara, consumes “go-go-juice” before performances, this is a mixture of Red Bull and Mountain Dew. Quite a deadly combination.

Honey Boo Boo

Image Credit: TLC

Even Pepsi Knows It’s Bad

We couldn’t make this up if we tried. In 2012, Pepsi Co was sued after a man named Ronald Ball had claimed a can of Mountain Dew he purchased from a vending machine tasted rancid. After pouring out the contents, he discovered a dead mouse inside. He sent this evidence to Pepsi Co, and their response was that the mouse would have “dissolved in the soda in the time between bottling and consumption, turning it into a jelly-like substance.”

Does this not scare you?

GMO Ingredients

If none of the other things above scare you then maybe this will wake you up.

Mountain Dew contains:

  • GMO soy and corn,
  • BVO (banned in Europe and Japan), acid
  • Sodium benzoate (preservative that reacts with Dew’s vitamin C to create carcinogens),
  • Yellow dye (made from coal tar)
  • and BPA

This concoction is like something out of Frankenstein. But don’t worry, Pepsi Co wants you to know that these ingredients all together aren’t dangerous.

“This (BVO) is a safe ingredient approved by the FDA, which is used in some citrus-based beverages. Importantly, consumers can rest assured that our products are safe, and our industry adheres to all government regulations.”

That’s where the problem lies, though, the people in charge of regulations are the very same people that once worked for these companies. It’s called the “revolving door” effect and the movie Food Inc, shows how it works.

The Long-term Effects

Obesity, cancer, and other diseases are killing people at an alarming rate! Is Mountain Dew the direct killer? No, but it certainly is increasing the chances for people to develop serious health problems. We can’t write this off and merely say, “but, it’s only soda.”

No, it is a creation that should never have left the lab.

Is There An Answer To Stop The Madness?

Yes, the easiest thing is to stop drinking soda! It provides no nutrition or substance for your body and the negative effects greatly outweigh the positive benefits, which are none.

Drink water or if you wish to provide your children or yourself with a nice refreshing beverage, then make a homemade soda or juice, it is much healthier, and you control exactly what goes in.

Join Now For The Best
From David Wolfe

  • Sylvie

    deadly can of garbage. i guess it has to be banned otherwise the unaware majority will not stop harming themselves and their kids and keep us all paying for a preventable sea of sickness.

    • Dylan Knight

      You know what else has a pH of 3, Orange Juice should we stop drinking that too? Not to mention BPA is in every plastic bottle including WATER I guess we should ban all plastic.

      • Sylvie

        Haha bang on!

  • Michael Warden

    Wow. Really? If you know anything about the pH scale you know that the farther away you are from 7 on the low end the more acidic you are. So by this article Mountain Dew is better for you than straight Pepsi or Coke. Orange Juice also has a pH of 3. So should we stop drinking it as well? I couldn’t get any father through the article than that. Go back to high school and learn science if you want to convince me to do or not do something.

    • Joseph Terrell

      You are correct, Michael. It is an inverse logarithmic scale. So according to the numbers given in the article, Mt. Dew is only 1/100th as acidic as battery acid. So, at least their “acidic” point falls flat.

    • Leslie

      We really shouldn’t drink oj either, there’s about 9 teaspoons of sugar per serving..That’s why I prefer beer..

      • Shannon

        You’re obviously talking about orange juice from concentrate. One cup of freshly squeezed orange juice is about as much BENEFICIAL sugars you need per day, which is still a lot, but its not table sugar you’re ingesting. And beer isnt healthy for you. If you really want to see how much beer erodes your teeth go to the dentist, get a tooth pulled and one of those paper fillers put in then go drink some beer. It takes about two beers before that paper erodes and starts working on your gums. Beer is among the top alcoholic beverages that causes tooth decay and enamel breakdown.

    • Kassi Roberts

      Abosolutey true. Pepsi was actually named from the greek/latin term for peps(i), okay for digestion, terrible for kidneys. Ph scale is correct. Its backwards than people think with acidity.

    • Shannon

      I like how they dont cite their sources when their trying to make a point. “These numbers come straight from the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. The lower the number, the more acidic the substance.”

  • I’ve been drinking dew for the past 20 years, healthy teeth and normal bodyweight here. If anything maybe sleeplessness if I consume a 20oz after 9pm, but thats my fault.

    • Katie Jewell

      Is that you in this profile picture?

      • Jezz

        No it’s not. That is Brian Baumgartner.

      • It’s Kevin from The Office

      • Anand Ghurye

        I appreciate your wit and sense of humour.

  • Burgess Krell

    I have never cared for carbonated beverages, the idea that something fizzling in the glass is going to be fizzling inside of me is not a comforting one.

  • Mikerrr

    “Should never be DRANK again?” Credibilty of this article was zero from the start.

    • jasonvideo

      I completely agree. Didn’t take elementary English?

    • Brian Schreck

      Drank is correct for past tense. Only Inbred shitbrains use drunk as past tense.

      • Mikerrr

        That’s true, but then again only an inbred shitbrain would think “should never be – insert verb here – ” is past tense. Hint, Mr. Shrek: this isn’t past tense. This is a conditional future tense. Perhaps rather than being an inbred shitbrain, you just skipped English class the day they covered this? Or, maybe you’re proud to be a semi-literate moron.

    • Bernhard Racz

      true… bad grammar, bad spelling, means doom to the author…

  • disqus_ZLfBx9DN6B

    so… the false advertising thing… the only reason I can see to add that to your article was to pad length and even throw in an image. what was the point there? game fuel? do you honestly think that a slogan is going to be 100% factual, or even say something about a product? does redbull REALLY give you wings? as best I can tell, all that was going on there was “I don’t have anything significant here so I’m going to keep talking and reference irritating pop-culture to try and make people agree with me!”

  • iamone99

    David Wolfe looks like a big time faggot.

    • William Morgan

      Homophobic jerk!

      • iamone99

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      • iamone99

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    • Brian Schreck

      Atleast he has the balls to have a profile pic you round faced fuckboi.

      • iamone99

        Awe, someone’s feels got hurt. Grow a pair, faggot.

        • Tyler Dorman

          How does someone get their feels hurt exactly?

          • iamone99

            Being a faggot like yourself.

          • Tyler Dorman

            Someone has some self hating closeted homo feels about them self

          • iamone99

            uh, no….but good try, dick licker.

          • Tyler Dorman

            Yea, your clearly not gay. You just constantly think and talk about dicks and gays.

          • iamone99

            *YOU’RE….and, no. Now, shine my shoes you faggot.

          • Tyler Dorman

            Yea, definitely a closet homo. It’s ok buddy, keep living in denial.

  • Chef David Mitchell

    …LOL…..OK, lets start with basics here like the TRUTH……, the photo the “health expert david wolfe” (snicker) says is “Mt Dew mouth in Appalchia” is an ad against “Crystal meth and “Meth Mouth” from West Virginia law enforcement Troopers from 4yrs ago…, has NADA to do with ANY soda, EVER – nice LIE, Mr wolfe… # 2 , PVC exists in every plastic bottle on earth , not just soda bottles of 1 kind, and your absurd “testosterone” lessening theory was ROUNDLY quashed decades ago in 2 USA studies and 1 British study…, so OH !!! LOOK, ANOTHER LIE………………..(Cute photos and haircut though…LOL. – 1984 called and wants it’s perm back!!.)..# 3, your “knowledge” of PH & biochemistry is like your form of the truth , it’s A LIE and false because it’s not real, & useless because it’s wrong -WOW, you must be 1 of those paid for mouth pieces “eco vegan groups” hire and pay big $$$ to for data, but (LOL) when it comes right down to it , you don’t know a whit of the truth & go “soda bashing” by lies, real class act you are, ……………Those of us who have had cancer or multiple kinds of it (like me, for 48yrs time) for decades and had to do triple and double blind studies on new analgesic & immune boosting drugs and REAL anti cancer herbs and botanicals learn the REAL TRUTH AND ROPES to save friends from vultures like you and who researched brand new cutting edge herbs and rainforest flowers like Pau d’ Aricua and it’s cousins, and my being involved in the very 1st team of Americans who saw the benefits of SPIRULINA blue-green algae in 1979 from a British -Japanese UK study, and pods since the late 70’s KNOW what we’re talking about, & study it for decades to make SURE we know about the topics, and don’t “pose for pretty pix” and lie about things like that absurd “men’s testosterone lessening theory” you claim that was debunked 15 yrs ago, yet you bring it up, # 4, Mt Dew was originally formulated during World War 1 nearby Appalchia under a different name in a clear green brown bottle and it does not have a cult following there , nor ever has had , (what’s wrong David, Life Extension not paying much these days??) You seem to lie for a living and sure like big salary’s for somebody who doesn’t have a clue what he’s spouting off about, you know, ” A Mouthpiece” whats that old saying, “Don’t go away mad, just go away…”……the grown folk researchers who tell the truth are talking, shush son….DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS HACK AND TOOL , HE’S DANGEROUS AND WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING HE FLAPS HIS GUMS ABOUT …………………………….Chef David Mitchell, Good old USA, , Mon., 10/19/15, 2:08a.m…………………………………..///////////////////

  • MidWestGal

    Pushing the anti gmo agenda……….mt dew has been around over twice the time as any gmo………david avocado wolf is a fear monger wooooooo

    • crosswind

      “mt dew has been around over twice the time as any gmo” — you just answered your own comment. Yes it’s probably not the same formula anymore. GMOs are linked to cancer, autoimmune and need to be heavily sprayed with Roundup herbicide to even grow. It accumulates in the body over time & is causing longer term effects. Independent studies prove it. GMO soy & Corn are causing infertility and smaller testes in men. We are only ONE generation into having GMos experimentined on our society (without ever first testing on lab animals for safety). WE were the lab guinea pigs. Thx Gov’t! Lab rats show by the THIRD generation, they become sterile. that’s what society has coming & the Gov’t wants that to reduce population, haven’t you heard?

      • Mark Benjamin

        This farmer is laughing at your ignorance of GMO’s and how they are grown “and need to be sprayed heavily with Roundup herbicide to even grow”…Then I busted out laughing hard reading after that. The anti GMO hysteria started in Europe as a way around international trade laws on grain and nothing more. But; the wild stories and skewed test results and downright pathetic slander took on a life of its own. And believing anti-GMO hype and posting it online makes farmers print out and quote you at the coffee shop. We then compare ignorant rants of the week from people like you picking the “real winners”. Which ever rant draws the least laughter decides which farmer picks up the tab.

      • MidWestGal

        Nope, you are very wrong..I have done the research and due to use of GMO technology there has been less chemicals used on crops than ever before. Organic grown crops use more toxic chemicals than what is manmade. Rotenone and copper sulfate are at the top of the toxic list. Both commonly used in organic farming.

  • No Show Jones

    And the gullible will believe this crap. They’ll say, “It’s true, they can’t post anything false on the internet.”

  • Brandi

    Personally, I hate mountain dew but this article was horribly researched and constructed. The first point they attempt to make was the acidic levels and try to make you think mountain dew has more then actually battery acid, then the disclaimer below proceedes to tell you the lower the PH number the more acidic the product is. Also, to say mountain dew is bad because of false advertising calling it “game fuel” (which is only on a limited edition package obviously created to promote a game) proves nothing at all. It doesn’t take a genius to know that sitting for hours drinking mountain dew isn’t healthy. Actually, the caffeine in mountain dew would keep you awake longer to play video games so, in reality not false advertising. No mountain dew campaign has ever claimed mountain was healthy or helped you lose weight or that sitting drinking mountain dew for 19 hours whilst playing video games was healthy, that would be false advertising. I thought maybe this article was an attempt at satire since there were no true facts or well researched discoveries, but satire is typically written much better than this.I could find more information on mountain dew and it’s negative effects on Wikipedia. Lastly, “mountain dew mouth” is not a common phrase in the mountains I believe you are referring to “meth mouth”.

  • Jezz

    This isn’t very well written.

    You never specify which battery acid you were talking about (surprise surprise the battery in a car is not that same as the one in your watch), you never specify how much of each of the “dangerous” ingredients is the actual dangerous level (GMO soy and corn, BVO (banned in Europe and Japan), acid Sodium benzoate (preservative that reacts with Dew’s vitamin C to create carcinogens), Yellow dye (made from coal tar) and BPA)). Every single substance in the world is toxic in high enough doses, and every single substance in the world is harmless in small enough doses. Do more research instead of “hurr sugar is bad”, as if anyone doesn’t know that already. Piece of shit article written by someone with no credibility.

  • Jay Stein

    This article reads like so much pseudo-scientific nonsense, as if it were written by someone with only a rudimentary understanding of pH, statistics, GMOs and basic science in general. I will continue drinking my Dew, while employing my usual good oral hygiene.

  • Loy Cletcher III

    Enjoying my Mt. Dew as I read this article.

    • Stanley Ramsrud

      Same, got my 2 liter sitting on my desk. Puring another glass while i type with my free hand. Laughing at this article all the way through.

    • snewelp

      same here

  • Michael McKeon Sr.

    Mt Dew and Old Granddad Bourbon (or any other brand Bourbon)

  • Joseph Ignatius

    …drank? The correct tense is ‘drunk’. Who edits these articles?

    Regarding the article, I’m sure this condition would happen with any beverage that is high in sugar and acid…unless, you BRUSH your teeth!

    • Brian Schreck

      Drank is correct : The past participle of drink is either drank or drunk, though the latter is used twice as often as the former.

  • janis shouse

    the people that are toothless in the

  • janis shouse

    YOU can’t really believe any of these studies, one yr something is bad for you a few yrs down the line it is ok, so i just pray over my food and drink ask God to bless it and go

    • Tyler Dorman

      Yea, screw science, just have God bless everything. You should eat some arsenic that you asked God to bless and see how that goes.

  • Richard Davis

    Try brushing now and again.

  • Seattle Lion

    Hogwash. The person needs to brush his or her teeth more often. I don’t drink the crap anyways. I think Mountain Dew tastes terrible and Pepsi also. I rather drink water and fruit juices.

  • wargamer1969

    Stopped drinking Mtn Dew in 2011 lost 20 lbs and never went back.

  • RH

    I’ve drank Mt. Dew since the 60’s. I’m in my late 50’s & my teeth are perfect (because I brush them 2x day) 1-2 12oz per day hasn’t bothered me one bit. I love the scare tactics… The bromide veggie oil is used in a lot of citrus flavor drinks to keep it mixed together. Otherwise you would have a clear liquid with the yellow-green stuff at the bottom of the bottle.