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From David Wolfe

healing-with-mastersEavesdrop on a conversation between Me and  ‘Healing with the Masters’ healer and producer, Jennifer McLean.

Learn about:

–> The Energy of our Food and Herbs and Why it Matters

–> The Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual  “Genius”  of our Body

–> The Noble Essences

–> My Action Oriented Lifestyle

–> Best Superfoods To Eat To Be Sure That You Have the Best Day Ever

–> Why Experimentation is Critical to Your Individual Well Being

–> Find Out Which Herbs I Never Travel Without

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Join Now For The Best
From David Wolfe

  • gloria Sayles

    Glad I listen to this interview. I got a lot from it about intention. I go to see where Iam on my Raw Food life style. Thank you both David and Jennifer

  • Prakash Babu

    looks like u are ding a great job
    keep it up
    all the best
    prakash Babu

  • Nick

    Greeting from Thailand.
    It was very interesting listening to you both,
    I’m a vegetarian & currently experimenting with different…Herbs, Sprouts & Grasses here in Thailand…to improve my Health & help others.
    David & Jennifer are certainly amazing
    individuals…I’m a fan of them both.
    Looking forward to the interview & David’s Raw Foods Web cast at the end of this month.
    Many thanks, Peace my friends.
    regards, Nick

  • Alicia

    Thank you for all the information. I have a question: After going through radiotherapy my white cells keep going down, down, no matter what I take. Do you have any suggestions on what I should eat or take?

  • Jamie

    Thank you! It’s always a pleasure to listen to you and I always learn something new, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Kris Jepsen

    Hi David, I’ve just come back from Samoa which I thought would be close to paradise like Hawaii seems to be for you. It doesn’t come anywhere near Bundeena! (south of Sydney)
    I enjoyed your Sydney talk, thank you. I told you the your book ‘Amazing Grace’ spoke to me more on the second reading , a quote you used in your talk! I was pleased with that.
    Kris from Bundeena.

  • Jesse Noguera

    Huge fan of David Wolfe…
    and now Jennifer McLean
    I’ve listened to thousands of hours of
    inspirational content and the level of
    quality that you are producing is so high
    that I feel like its a turning point in
    human history! Magnificent Stellar Work!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  • Maria

    Hi I love your work & value your advice so much !
    I have a friend who is very poorly at the moment
    who seems to have an allergic reaction to most foods. Including fruits & vegatables!! She has recently emailed a very well known Dr who promotes alkalinity buy she has had no reply.
    Confused & in need of advice!
    Agapai love
    Maria :)

  • Thank you for the Healing with the Masters talk. What is the correct spelling for reccy mushrooms and where would I find them in Eastern Ontario?

    Thank you,


    • David Wolfe

      Hi Norma,
      The mushrooms are spelled “Reishi”. You might find them growing in the wild in Ontario, maybe find a Wild Mushroom Society group to forage wild mushrooms. Or, you can order techno mushrooms at

  • My lifestyle is getting more and more raw thanks to your great work David. And it does make me feel better and more energetic. May you have your best day ever as well.

    • David Wolfe

      Thanks Niels!

  • chicco tatriele

    Thank you David for inspiring us here in Bali during your stay. We are opening a healing center “Fivelements – Puri Ahimsa” close to Ubud with a raw food restaurant in july 2010. Looking forward to meet you again here on the island of the Gods.

    Om Shanti


    • David Wolfe

      Thank you Chicco! Happy to inspire as always!

  • Anne

    HI David, Loved all the information and so glad I heard the call. Thanks Jennifer for your work, it means so much. Thank you David for the wonderful work you are doing. I wil be seeing you live in NJ this week coming up. So excited and looking foward to it.
    Love and light,

    • David Wolfe

      Thanks Anne for the kind words!

  • I am really enjoying listening to your talk w/ JM but am curious about the selling of these superfoods you mention as I have to try n source the here in the UK. David, could you please help? Esp w/ the candida one.
    Many thanks n Namaste

    • David Wolfe

      Hi Seema,
      The best source I know of in the UK for superfoods is Shazzie. Detox Your World is the company.
      Have the best day ever!

  • Teisha Maxwell

    Hi David, I recently got interested in and I was truly inspired by you to get into Raw food. My question is, is there some type of superfood or superherb that can help my hair to grow longer. My hair comes barely down to my shoulder and I’ve tried growing it for a couple of years now.

    Kind regards,
    Teisha from Sweden

    • David Wolfe

      Hi Teisha,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      For hair growth, Chia Seed and Nettle Leaf are two that come to mind. Chia seed can be blended into a smoothie or drink, and nettle leaf makes a delicious tea.
      Have the best day ever!

  • Dee

    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for all the incredible information about nutrition. Just a quick question. Inspired by you… I started juicing (green veggies), I love it. When is it best to drink those green juices – before food, with, after, instead? Or does it not matter at all?
    Thank you so much

  • lisa red

    Hi David,
    Thank you for all the great information on nutrition. I just have a quick question. Do you have anything that you can recommend for Graves Disease (Hyerthyroidism). It is the Thyroid eye disease that I am having troubles budging(puffiness and bulging eyes) and would greatly appreciate any information you could share with me.
    I am vegetarian, gluten and dairy free and focus and raw foods and green juices.

    Thank you,

  • Kerry

    Hi David,
    I was wondering if you could tell me how to improve circulation, my feet are always getting cold,
    Thanks Kerry.

  • mary Jane Moffat

    How nutritious is home made kamboucha, and do you think it belongs in an all raw diet. Also nutritional yeast? I have your book , which I love, and noticed you didn’t mention either of these foods

  • Hi David – thank you for being an inspiration and for all your helpful information.
    I am wondering about making Kefir Almond milk and if you have any comments on this – how and the best way.
    I live in Japan and am starting a RAW food Movement here and interested in collaboration and business – also if you have any ideas please let me know.

    Thank you so much
    peace and light

  • Hello, David. I was listening to one of your interviews where you commented that (can’t recall the exact number) something like 90% of (Americans) suffer from gum disease (characteristically noted in bleeding while brushing), and I was wondering what sort of preventative/pro-active actions, dietary changes, hygiene practices, etc. you would recommend.
    If you have information in one of your books relating to this please specify.
    Thanks in advance!

  • lynn

    Greetings David from England.

    I listened to Dr Joseph mercola interview with you with great interest !

    I am interested in ourchasing a water filter one that is low TDS like you recommended. would this be a reverse osmosis water filter? and is there a particular make that you recommend.

    Thank you david, great inspiration I was particularly interested in your info on bad calcium and calcinosis, as I have calcinosis in my skin due to scleorderma.


  • Arielle

    Hello David! I have a few questions that I was wondering about. Thank you soooooo much for the amazing work you are doing in this world. Congratulations on being such an inspirational superhero! If you have time to answer my questions I would really appreciate it! I don’t really trust any other source(:
    1)What is the best kind of magnesium to take? I had a friend who was taking mag. oxide in powdered form from now supplements. Should I take mag. oxide or citrate or sulfite?? Can you recommend a legit company to order from?(:
    2)EDTA : I just got a supplement from Arizona Natural. It says EDTA (Calcium Disodium EDTA) Is this the right stuff?
    3) I got a bottle of 99.9% pure DMSO from ihealthtree. It says on the back that it’s sold as a solvent only and that it is unlawful to represent in that the product is useful for medicinal purposes. Can I take this stuff and if so how should I do so?
    4) Could you please recommend a list of the most essential supplements and superfoods I should get to heal my body?
    5) Can you recommend a good, easy, specific guide to how to eat alkaline and ph balanced?
    6) I have a couple friends who have spent time at your secret noniland bat lair in kauai. I would very much like to visit and download the amazing info and energy that lives there someday. Are there opportunities for me to do so?
    Thank you soooooo much! If you have a facebook, please friend me. This is my page:


  • Helena

    Hi David,

    I’m originally from Colombia and been living in the states for about 20 years but since I’ve lived here I’ve had all kinds of digestion problems. I try to go raw as much as possible but only seem to be drawn to fruit being south american. However, I have a terrible vaginal infection(thinking it’s candidia) for 5 years now that I can’t get rid of despite taking probiotic+taking garlic. Anyway I want to eat more veggies to balance out my ph but don’t know what to do about it if I don’t like them. I need your help badly. Thanks!

  • Melanie Ogle

    I am just wondering your viewpoint on ionized water, like the Kangen machine?

  • Janine

    Hi David,

    I think you may be the only person in the world that can help!

    I have severe debilitating allergies. I have been healing myself with vitamins and minerals for the last couple of years, as the many specialists gave up on me. I know that raw food will work for me, but I have a few rather large obstacles to jump over. Ie, I am allergic to sesquiterpene lactones, and latex. I am also very sensitive to salicylates and some amines. Sesquiterpenes are found in anything in the asteraceae family. I am finding that most of the raw food recipes contain food that ‘at the moment’ I cannot tolerate. I cannot eat most seeds, nuts, bananas, avocados, most leafy greens, etc, etc.

    I really want to go on a raw food diet, but I’m not sure where to start with all my restrictions. Can you steer me in the right direction?



  • Healing with the masters is a great program to listen to.with information that can change your life and a life change is something most of use can use. I am new to a raw food diet and struggling to maintain a 80/20 raw and living food diet combination. Reading Davids books are help me stay focused and I appreciate his work.

  • Maria c. L.

    Hello David,
    Thank you very much for all the work you are doing to improve the cuality of life of so many people. I live in Florida and the cuality of water here is very poor. I’d like to purchase a water filter system for home but I don’t know which type is the best. Could you please advise me on this? Thank you.

  • I love the effects of Reishi Mushrooms! They are a little hard to chop, but they are very powerful. They can make you feel real sleepy and the taste is one to get used to, but the benefits are plenty. Thanks for turning me on to the Medicinal Mushrooms!

  • Donna Kelley

    Hello David,
    When are you going to publish another book? I certainly appreciate the work that you are doing and am looking forward to your next book, that is if there will be one.
    Thank you.

    • David Wolfe

      Thank you!
      Stay tuned for more great, cutting edge, health & healing information!


    Hi David, since stumbling upon your book eating for beauty you have changed my eating habits. I drink green leafy veg with coconut water every morning instead of eggs bacon sausage etc. i have much more energy and feel younger, thank you for enlightening me to miracle foods

  • shelley collins

    are u involved with auyerveda I imagine u are…. Love ur energy David hope to see u in vancouver bc some time this year…. all the best to u!