David Wolfe's
Ultimate Raw Nutrition Certification

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The BodyMind Institute

While we started out with the intentions of creating the ultimate Raw Nutrition Certification, we ended up with a course on living naturally, sustainably and successfully! 
David Wolfe has decided to reveal ALL OF HIS SECRETS TO LIVING NATURALLY, SUSTAINABLY AND SUCCESSFULLY IN THIS WORLD… which includes the secrets to manifestation, creating WEALTH & ABUNDANCE, and the real life examples of “living without attachment”, “being in the now”, and so much more! 

You are being introduced to a new and rewarding career … along with the secrets to creating true wealth in the field of raw and super food nutrition. 

Through The BodyMind Institute a dynamic, multi-media approach to learning has arrived! 

Within 70 online video lessons, raw food guru David “Avocado” Wolfe will guide you through an odyssey of personal discovery into raw foods, super foods, super herbs and living spring water.  

Taking 15 years of professional experience and 20 years of personal learning and discovery, David “Avocado” Wolfe will take you through a 12hr condensation of everything he has learned at the cutting edge and frontier levels of his industry. 

“My deepest desire is that you take this information and develop massive momentum from my 15 years of experience condensed into 12 hours of video lessons, to propel you into a career that will take what I have discovered and learned another 1000 times farther!” David “Avocado” Wolfe 

This course goes beyond the realms of ‘normal’ education on so many levels and in so many ways: 

  • 70 – 5-15 minute video lessons bring you years of education condensed into 12 hours of ‘class’ time.

  • Each ‘class’ is designed with a PDF handout to maximize on our ecological consciousness of keeping this course 100% digital.

  • Each PDF handout will give you:
    • A summary of each video
    • Notes and direct quotes from David “Avocado” Wolfe to help guide you through an immediate further condensation of the information.
    • References for the material being covered.
    • Immediate resources to apply the information.
      • Web links where needed.
      • Stores and places to shop online.
    • Assignments to take immediate action.

  • 70 Automated Quizzes will give you an instant feedback for the information you have just covered in the video, along with providing you with an experiential system to apply the information immediately in your life.

  • An online forum supported by our highly trained staff at The BodyMind Institute will provide you with a link into the raw course community for a worldwide communication system to provide you with an instant feedback system for:
    • Sharing personal experiences and perceptions of the information being learned.
    • Sharing recipes, resources and sources for raw foods, super foods, super herbs and living spring water worldwide.
    • Meeting others worldwide to create a community of frontier researchers and scientific information ‘hunter and gatherers’

  • Q & A PDF Section will be updated frequently to help maintain the cutting edge nature of this material, while providing you with a resource of information you can use personally and with your clients.

  • Email access to the teachers and developers for technical support and guidance through your odyssey through the course.

  • NEW Course Segments BEING ADDED IN ALL YEAR through live video & audio updates with David “Avocado” Wolfe as he travels the world through Skype Video, Key Video Segments from events, and much more! These updates will hold true to the goal and vision of The BodyMind Institute and David’s passion for excellence to bring you information and key questions that need to be directly addressed as course material to both update existing material and enrich your learning experience.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Begin now!

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Regular tuition (beginning January 01, 2010): $1497 

A message from the founder of The BodyMind Institute: 

“As the founder of The BodyMind Nutrition System and The BodyMind Institute, I have had the honor to work with Avocado to develop the curriculum for this course.   

What an incredible privilege I had to be invited along with everyone else taking this course right into Avocado’s home and 200 acre retreat in Canada to film this course!   

You and I both experience Avocado in the raw wilderness of the northern forests, experiencing the information of the course through “entertainment – education”, learning the cutting edge science of raw foods, super foods, chocolate, super herbs and living spring water right in the real-life environment of Avocado’s home and life. 

Having grown up in a tribe in India, and foraging with my tribal friends while we went out into the tribal region, I was incredibly excited to participate with you in learning from Avocado!  I wanted to know…    

How DOES Avocado live? How does he forage? How does he farm his land? How does he discover springs? What does his pantry look like? What does his ‘kitchen’ look like? How does he live?  What does he use for HIS Super Smoothies, Alchemical combinations for Super Herbal and Super Food Teas, and Chocolate Treats?   

Come with me on a journey together into answers to these questions and so much more!

You and I both get to learn from one of the greatest health minds and teachers of our age!  Avocado and I are also committed to keeping everything in this course fresh, updated and on the cutting edge.  Experience Avocado as he travels the world through all the amazing updates from our Skype Video calls.   

I look forward to personally meeting you some day soon as you become part of our worldwide David “Avocado” Wolfe education and facilitator network.” Lars Gustafsson 

You are being enabled as a teacher, guide and personal coach to others through learning: 

  • The power of “Agreement Framing”

  • Simple shift guidance through the “Adding In” principle

  • Accelerated learning principles and systems

  • Step by step coaching of clients through 90, 6 month and 1year transformation programs

  • Coaching principles and systems:
    • Phone call scripts, frequency and strategies
    • Coaching with intention
    • In session protocols and systems

  • Handouts and protocols for each session

  • Health and physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions

  • Simplify… simplify… simplify… always going back to the principles of “adding in” and simplifying rather than “taking out”, limitation, and complication.

  • How to use language in an uplifting way.

  • Being an agent of change… a guide to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual evolution of this planet by FIRST … “being the change you want to see in the world.”


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Regular tuition (beginning January 01, 2010): $1497 


Questions of Avocado’s business, financial and life success that come up are …  

  • How have you managed to make such an amazing living doing what you love? 

  • How have you created homes around the world, a retreat center and farms that allow you to live from the land in a sustainable way? 

  • How have you created so much success?

These questions are being answered through this course in what is now going to be the ultimate ‘reveal’ of the secrets to creating wealth and abundance in this industry!   

We know that true wealth is your health …  

WE ALSO KNOW THAT MONEY IS ENERGY… and because you will be enabled through your own personal transformation in the use of this information into higher vibration realms of personal attraction and manifestation … Avocado will guide you through these new and incredible times ahead.   

You will be given the tools, ideas and access to resources that will enable you to propel your new or existing career to new heights!    

Principles of the laws of attraction are going to come alive for you as you your brain, hormone, physical, chemical and vibrational nature shift into the new levels of ultra fast manifestation.  As your body creates a stress defense shield through the secrets revealed in this course, and as you use the tools of meditation and manifestation, along with being enabled through the resources and guidance…  

Monetizing this information is a key to success.  In David “Avocado” Wolfe Ultimate Raw Nutrition Certification you will learn: 

How to develop a business model that suites your passions and life purpose.

  • Successful business principles.
  • Secrets to marketing and developing as many clients as you want!
  • The secrets to creating multiple streams of income!
  • The business secrets the moguls of the health industry don’t want you to know.
  • And so much more!!

David “Avocado” Wolfe has learned from some of the greatest minds in the health and consciousness fields. 

They repeatedly told him to take what they were giving him and pass it on to as many people throughout the world as possible.  

Now Avocado has is taking this to another level by creating a certification course that will enable you to now become the teacher! 

David “Avocado” Wolfe is offering you the synthesis of what he has learned from these great minds, and the experiences he has had from personally exploring the information and from the feedback he has received from thousands of people from around the world.  

There is no other time than this moment… begin creating your dreams and manifest your highest aspirations for yourself and this world now! 

ENROLL NOW and become an exclusive member of the David “Avocado” Wolfe Worldwide Education and Facilitation Network!

SAVE $700 on this LAUNCH SPECIAL of $799!

Regular tuition (beginning January 01, 2010): $1497 

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